Test Your Knowledge of Arlington TX Demographics

Have you been living in Arlington Texas for your whole life, or are you a recent transplant to the fun center of Texas? Either way, there’s no excuse for you not to know anything about your neighbors and fellow residents. Test your knowledge about the demographics in Arlington, Texas by taking this little quiz:

  1. True or false: Arlington is in the Top 50 Cities in the US in terms of population.

Answer: True. Actually, according the census statistics taken by the US Census Bureau, Arlington is exactly the 50th most populated city in the US. At the end of 2013, the population in the city was pegged at 379,577 residents.

  1. In Arlington, Texas, which has the bigger population: the males or the females?

Answer: Females. According to the latest statistics, women and girls outnumber the guys in Arlington by 9,385 (194,481 women to 185,096 men). However, this seems to be a recent development. In 2010, there were 104 males to every 100 females.

  1. True or false: Arlington is the most populous city in Texas that is not a county seat.

Answer: True. Arlington ranks as 7th among the most populous cities in Texas. It’s not a county seat at all. But the top 6 populous cities in Texas are all county seats. These are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and El Paso. The city of Arlington Texas is not a county seat.

  1. The median age in the state of Texas is 34 years. Is the median age in Arlington higher or lower than the median age in the whole of Texas?

Answer: Lower. The median age in Arlington is actually just 32.4 years. So the people in the city are quite young. That’s probably because almost a third of the city’s population is younger than 18.

  1. True or false: The majority of people in Arlington are not white.

Answer: False. The city of Arlington is quite diverse, and proud of its diversity. 43.6% of the total population of Arlington is white and they are the largest demographic group in the city with 165,637.

  1. Which has a bigger population: white people or the combined Hispanic and black population?

Answer: Combined Hispanic and black. There are 112,300 Hispanic residents, and 65,326 black people. Together, that’s 177,626 people, just about 12,000 more than the white population.

  1. True or false: Asians account for more than 10% of the population.

Answer: False. With 27,653 Asian residents, that’s 7.3% of the population.

  1. What is the most common industry in Arlington: accommodation and food (hotel and restaurant) services, retail trade, manufacturing, or construction?

Answer: Manufacturing. About 15% of the businesses in Arlington are in this industry. Retail and construction businesses are tied at 13%. And despite the number of tourists and nightlife fans in the city, accommodation and food services only account for 7% of the businesses here.

  1. In June of 2014, which has the greater unemployment rate: Arlington, or the state of Texas?

Answer: The state of Texas. The unemployment rate for the state then was 5.5%, but for Arlington it was just 5%.

  1. True or false: the crime rate has been dropping every year since 2008.

Answer: True. And thank goodness for that! So how well did you do? You should at least get 6 answers right. If you score less than that, it’s time for you to get out and explore Arlington—it’s a great place meet new people and do fun things!