Thank You Mother Nature!

How long has it been since you had your roof inspected by a qualified roofing professional?

Most people don’t pay that much attention to their roofs until they have a water leak. Or, they can’t overlook the fact that their roof is beginning to look so bad that they can’t help but notice the obvious…"something is not right with my roof."

You can do a self- inspection yourself before you call a professional out by just taking a little time by closely looking your roof over and taking note of the condition of your shingles.


Once you have determined there may be a need to have a roofing expert look at your roof, or your roof is leaking now, you can then make the call and schedule an appointment. Roofing companies don’t usually charge for a roof inspection. So you can be at ease about the expense of having an expert give you their evaluation of your roof.

Leaky Roof Inspection

Most roofing companies will do a free inspection hoping for the opportunity to repair your leak or replace your roof.

There are some telltale signs that will help you with your decision on calling a roofing company to look at your roof. Most of them are made obvious by leaning a ladder next to your roof and having a closer look.

Most people think you can spot roof damage from the ground but unless you have had a major storm with large hail that is not true. It takes a close look to determine damage.

If you find bruises on the shingles that means you have had hail at some point in time and your roof needs to be replaced. Another telltale sign is loss of granules on the shingles. If the hail storm has been recent you will probably see granules in your gutters and at the base of your downspouts as well.

Ceiling Leaks

Wind can also be the culprit in a leaking ceiling or in needing a roof replacement. The edges of the shingles may get lifted up and cause the adhesive strip to lose its bond to the shingle under it. Dirt may have also blown up under the shingle where the shingle can no longer adhere to the shingle below it. This will let water in your attic, and eventually, it drips down on your ceiling.

There may also be times when you may not need a full roof replacement. There are times when just a repair may be the remedy to your roof leak. Sometimes individual shingles get cracked or broken, when that’s the case just the problem shingles may need to be replaced.

Often tree branches extending over onto the roof will cause damage. The tree branches can rub against the shingles and the felt underneath the shingles. The constant rubbing of the tree branches against the shingles will eventually cause a water leak and may well cause damage to the interior of the house.

Don’t wait until you have a problem on your hands. Take a few minutes to look at your roof. If you are in doubt about whether to call an expert to look at you roof, don’t be. You could be looking at a brand new roof thanks to Mother Nature and your insurance company.