Decra Villa Tiles are Gorgeous

Decra Villa Tile
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Decra roof systems have been continually increasing in popularity.

Covered with stone, they have the strength of steel and the elegance and charm of an of an old world Italian Villa tile. The days of chipped tiles, pealing paint and leaking roofs are over.

Currently, Decra Villa Tiles give you an entire roofing solution for your home that is an ideal blend of superior functionality, strength, durability and aesthetics.

Decra Villa Tiles are constructed from steel alloy and covered with a stone finish which reduces heat from the sun. Tiles that have fiberglass or asphalt as a base slowly blister or curl and develop cracks, unlike Decra Villa Tiles. They are energy-efficient with low thermal mass. After a blistering day, the metal can dissipate heat faster. On the other hand, asphalt has high thermal mass and, hence, takes longer to cool down. In addition, because Decra Villa Tiles are non-combustible and have a high wind rating, they can guard you from the harshest weather conditions.

Decra Villa Tiles are the ideal roofing solution for earthquake-prone areas. Clay tiles that can weigh approximately about 800 lbs cannot bear seismic pressure. Chances are higher for a roof constructed from heavy clay tiles to collapse during an earthquake. Decra Villa Tiles are approximately 120-150 lbs, so they do not place much pressure on walls and have a better chance of surviving an seismic event. The possibility of a collapsing roof with Decra Villa Tiles is also lowered noticeably~reduced considerably} because they have interlocking panels that strengthen the roof.

Decra Villa Tiles are easily installed and can be mounted to existing shingle roofs. They are strong and can handle foot traffic without the risk of denting. Decra Villa Tiles have a proven 50 year life expectancy and are 100% recyclable; while, asphalt shingles have a life expectancy of only 18 years.

Available in different shades at reasonable prices, Decra Villa Tiles are unaffected by natural weathering and guards against fading. Also, according to roofing experts, Decra Villa Tiles are the preferred roofing solution for sloped roofs. They certainly augment the overall look of and add sophistication to your home.

firetruckBy purchasing Decra Villa Tiles, you will enjoy a beautiful roof for decades to come. Contact your Local Fireman Roofing Company and learn more about your Decra roofing system choices right away. Call Toll-Free (817) 455-5618. *Picture by

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