Metal Roofing Choices

Here is a list of our most popular metal roofing products:

  • DecraStarting @ $4.75 Sq Ft: Stone Coated Steel in Shake, Tile and Shingle designs
  • Gerard RoofingStarting @ $4.75 Sq Ft: Similar to Decra
  • Aluminum RoofingStarting @ $5.50 Sq Ft: Energy Efficient Shingles
  • Mueller Steel RoofStarting @ $4.25 Sq Ft: Long warranties with attractive modern profiles
  • Misc Metal Roofs – Short list of lesser known residential metal roofs

Decra Roofing

Decra prices start at $4. 75 a Square Foot

DECRA Roofing Systems originated in New Zealand and is owned by Fletcher Building. Fletcher Building is one of New Zealand’s top industrial companies with a history going back to the early 1900’s. Fletcher is New Zealand’s largest building materials manufacturer and distributor with operations in concrete, steel, plasterboard, laminates, panel products and aluminum extrusion for residential and commercial construction.

Over the years, DECRA Roofing Systems has made advancements in production, styles, color, and installation methods, but the product’s origins will forever remain an ingenious solution to a wartime crisis that has benefited people around the world for over 50 years.

Gerard Roofing

Gerard prices start at $4.75 a Square Foot

The initial cost of installing a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more than with other roofing materials. However, the money a homeowner can save is significant, because a Gerard roof will be the last roof you ever buy. A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof adds to your home’s beauty and to its resale value.

Life is hard. Mother Nature is harder, especially on non-steel roofing materials which begin to deteriorate immediately after they are installed from exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes and the effect of hailstones, heavy snow pack, ice and wind. A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof, however, can take extreme weather conditions and still look and protect like new for a lifetime.

Mueller Metal Roofs

Mueller Metal Roof prices start at $4.25 a Square Foot

Eight benefits of Mueller Metal Roofing:

  • More Economical
  • Increased Home Value
  • Install It and Forget It
  • Greater Protection
  • Premium Discounts
  • Energy Savings
  • Exceptional Beauty
  • Environmentally Friendly

“Compared to traditional roofing, Mueller metal roofs come out on top.”

Aluminum Roofing

Alcoa Roofing, now Classic Metal Roofing Systems, has the obvious advantages of being aluminum which is light-weight, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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