Wind Damaged Roofing Shingles

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Anytime you have a lot of wind blowing, there’s a chance of losing shingles.

Our long-time roofers are used to repairing roof shingles that are old and dried out from the summer sun, or brittle from winter’s cold, are especially susceptible to high wind damage. The asphalt adhesive strip along the bottom of the shingle will lose it’s grip causing the shingle to flap up in the wind. Given enough wind, the shingle might even tear apart and land in your yard… or the neighbor’s yard.

Old hail damage is hard to see from the ground, but it could be why you're losing shingles.

Old hail damage is hard to see from the ground, but it could be why you’re losing shingles.

If you’ve noticed missing shingles on your roof, or shingles that looked like they’ve flapped up, you may want to go ahead and call for a free roof inspection.

A lot of times, your loose or missing shingles can be replace in a roof repair. However, there are times when blown off shingles might mean you have bigger problems.

Old hail damage may have worn away the protective colored granules that keep the sun from absorbing directly into the asphalt or fiberglass mat. When the granules are missing, the shingles can become dry and brittle… and that’s usually a problem across the entire roof, or large sections of the roof, as opposed to just being a spot repair.

dalmatian puppy dogIf you have missing shingles, go ahead and call your local roofing contractor for a free roof inspection. You want to catch the problem now.

Shingles can come off in increasingly larger sizes because they are stuck together. With enough wind, you could lose a big section of your roof.

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