ReRoofing can be extremely tedious work… especially when the old roof has been on there forever… or you have more than one layer of shingles. It is sometimes recommended that you could have up to (2) layers of asphalt shingles on your roof without tearing everything off back down to the decking. That doesn’t mean…

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Skylight Repairs

Texas hail storms have been knocking out skylights for a long time. It’s a common problem. If you’re going to live in Texas, you can bet you’ll replace your skylight sooner or later! If you have a broken, chipped or leaking skylight, we can help you fix your skylight problem. The problem with fixing skylights…

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Tile Roofing

Fort Worth and Dallas both still have many beautiful, older homes with classic clay and concrete tile roofing shingles. Unfortunately, these beautiful clay tile roofs are slowly disappearing. North Texas hailstorms knock out most of them. What’s left is slowly plowed under to make way for a newer, larger, more energy-efficient home. I’ve rarely seen…

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Solar Screens

solar screen material

Solar Window screens are made from a long-lasting outside fabric which is both fire as well as fade resistant. The screens may be found in a number of colors and can be matched up to almost any kind of exterior… although many prefer to install the traditional dark screens. The right solar screen can increase…

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Solar Shingles

New Solar Shingles Solar Shingles are a relatively new development in roofing. It just makes sense to take advantage of the amount of sunshine we get here in Texas. More Than Solar Panels For years, solar panels have been available. You may have seen them on a few roofs — they’re usually big, bulky and…

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