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You want to work with a reputable roofing company. You’re tired of empty promises. You’re good at sales, but you’ve had a hard time finding a construction company that you can trust.

Obviously, there’s so many slimy, fly-by-night, quick buck, con-artists in the roofing and construction business. They’re here one day… and gone the next!

The Fireman Roofing Company is a real local business. Our customers are here in North Texas; all over the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. We don’t chase hurricanes, close down in the off-season, or change our contact information every other year. The construction business does slow down in the off-season, but we’re from here and we work here year round.

We’re interested in independent contractor roofing sales people. Off-duty firemen, retired military, civil servants and reputable sales people with backgrounds in non-profit work are encouraged to call. There’s absolutely no roofing sales experience necessary if you meet the requirements. While we can’t guarantee your success, we’ll train you on our system using our time-tested, proven sales presentation.

If you believe you’re qualified, here’s what you can expect:

  • 50/50 Commission-Only Profit Split
  • Draws on work contracted as available
  • Leads and Appointments based on performance
  • Reasonable overhead means more money for you
  • Set your own hours because you are your own boss
  • Training for applicants that qualify
  • Positive work environment

Pick up the phone and call Alex on his direct line (817) 455-5618. Tell him about your background and why you believe you qualify to work with us.

About Alex

Alex is a local fireman and paramedic with the Carrollton Fire Department. When he’s not fighting fires or saving lives, Alex stays busy with the day-to-day operations here at Fireman Roofing.

He’s an accomplished contractor and personally manages some of the best crews in North Texas. He takes pride in every job and looks forward to adding your name to our long list of satisfied customers.

When Alex isn’t working for you or the citizens of Carrollton, TX – you’ll find him working on his home, enjoying his family or watching the new “green” channel on t.v.

Contact UsIf you believe you qualify to work for Fireman Roofing, pick up the phone and call Alex. His direct line is (817) 455-5618.

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