Old Wood Roof Shingles

old wood roof shingles
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You’ve got to love those old wood shingle roofs. They have a unique charm all their own.

After awhile, that wood roof charm starts to wear thin. The shingles become dry and brittle.

Often the shingles will start curling up as they get older — creating easy water passage right into your attic. Once a wood roof starts leaking in several places, it is almost impossible to stop the water, repair roof leaks, unless you replace the entire roof.

What was once a strong, sturdy wood roof, has now weathered away. It is just a thin layer of protection guarding your home from the elements.

dalmatian puppy dogIf your once strong and sturdy wood roof has started to leak… If you notices shingles getting blown off after almost every high wind… If you’re tired of the constant temporary fixes… pick up the phone and call Fireman Roofing.

We’ve helped many people keep the unique charm of their home while moving into a stronger, sturdier roofing system. Call today!

Fire-Rated Wood Shingles

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