Roofing Depreciation

Roofing Depreciation Money

Your insurance company may “hold back” depreciation on your roofing claim. Depreciation is the amount of your settlement that is not paid until and unless you need it to complete the repairs to your home if you have a replacement cost value policy. Most policies cover replacement cost. If you are unsure, ask your insurance…

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Alcoa Roofing are the leaders in aluminum roofing

Alcoa Aluminum Roofing Of the number of choices for roofing your beautiful home, you could never do better than an aluminum roofing system. Alcoa is world-renowned for producing numerous varieties of aluminum for roofs, be it primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum or alumina alloy. An aluminum roof from Alcoa would be an impressive addition to your…

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Decra Villa Tiles are Gorgeous

Decra Villa Tile

Decra roof systems have been continually increasing in popularity. Covered with stone, they have the strength of steel and the elegance and charm of an of an old world Italian Villa tile. The days of chipped tiles, pealing paint and leaking roofs are over. Currently, Decra Villa Tiles give you an entire roofing solution for…

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The REAL reason why cheap shingles will cost you money

Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles are simple with an architectural elegance. The beauty, efficiency and functionality of Classic Aluminum Shingles are unrivaled. Manufactured from 0.024” thick aluminum sheets, the 12” x 60” plates link from all four sides and are simple to mount. Once the shingles are shaped from aluminum sheets, they are baked with a…

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My personal favorite strategy for saving energy with aluminum

Today you have a variety of choices in residential roofing products. Materials like asphalt, tar, wood, gravel, slate, steel, clay and aluminum can be employed, and every type has its own advantages and qualities. Your home is your most important investment, so cover it with the best material available. Although more costly than steel, asphalt…

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