Solar Screens

solar screen material

Solar Window Screens Solar Window screens are made from a long-lasting outside fabric which is both fire as well as fade resistant. The screens may be found in a number of colors and can be matched up to almost any kind of exterior… although many prefer to install the traditional dark screens. The right solar…

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Solar Shingles

New Solar Shingles Solar Shingles are a relatively new development in roofing. It just makes sense to take advantage of the amount of sunshine we get here in Texas. More Than Solar Panels For years, solar panels have been available. You may have seen them on a few roofs — they’re usually big, bulky and…

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Roofing Deductible

Roofing Depreciation Money

Deductible Not Covered Your roof deductible is the portion of your claim that is not covered by your insurance company. In some cases, the deductible for your roof may be different than the insurance deductible for the rest of your home. Check your policy or call your agent for a quick answer. Deductible Example: We…

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GAF Roofing

There’s no doubt that GAF Roofing material is the industry leader. They’ve been around a long time… and they’ll probably be here long after the others have gone out of business… or been bought up by GAF. In this article by Chokyi Ooi, she explores the advantages of using GAF for your next roof job.…

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Black Stains On My Roof

Roofing Stains We ran into these black roof stains quite a bit down in the deep south… Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. This great article from Mike Hudecheck explores the problem and how to solve it. If you’re serious about starting a roof cleaning business, look for an eBook that tells you step-by-step how to build…

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