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Rico O. Rico O., City of Garland, Code Compliance Manager

“After interviewing 17 contractors to replace my roof, I hired Fireman Roofing. They are doing a great job on my roof replacement and I would recommend them to the city.”

Rose Rose, Arlington, TX

"They were very quick responders. From the minute I talked to them on the phone I knew it was going to be a wonderful experience. They were willing to work with my insurance company as well. I believe they did a great job of cleaning up after themselves and the actual repair was done very quickly."

Wade Wade, Rockwall, TX

"I had a great experience because the burden was taken off of me. My child ended up at the doctor’s the morning he was to come repair my roof and he came anyway and billed me the next day. He made it clear that it wasn’t a problem and not to worry about him to take care of my child. "

Sam & Diane Sam & Diane, Weatherford, TX

"The crew arrived on the time given and were ready to work. They had to wait for the materials to be delivered but they went ahead and began removing the old shingles. As soon as the materials arrived, they started shingling the roof and had about half of the roof completed prior to quitting for the day. They made sure that the roof was covered with felt paper prior to leaving which was a good thing since we had rain that night. They finished the roof on the second day and did the cleanup. This is the first time I have seen a company have two men walking around thru the flower beds to make sure that there was nothing left. While they were doing that a third man was using a magnet to pick up nails that might have fallen."


100% FREE No-Pressure Roofing Estimate From Fireman Roofing

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privacy Fireman Roofing values your privacy and would never spam you.