Have you ever seen a Decra Shake roof and wondered why?

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If you’re searching for a roof that’s elegant and sturdy, then Decra shake will meet your expectations. With Decra shake you capture the magnificence and charm of the old world and have the reliability of modern world technology.

Decra shake is constructed from pressurized aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel which is then bonded with an acrylic stone chip and given a soft finish. It has the beauty and rich sophistication of Cedar shake. Decra shake is accessible in different traditional shades, such as brown, green, gray and black. It is also offered in shadow-wood, granite, weathered timber, charcoal, teak, coffee-brown and sea-green. Decra shake roof will harmonize with your current color scheme.

Decra shake can withstand the toughest climate conditions, whether it is hail, snow or rain. In fact, it comes with 120 mph wind guarantee. The stone coating resists UV penetration and preserves the tile from color loss for years. Decra tile has a Class A fire rating, so it is ideal for areas prone to wild fires.

Once installed properly, Decra tile will last for decades to come and require little maintenance. The panels can managehandle foot traffic and interlock on all four sides which makes mounting easy and secure. It is light weight at about 1.5 lbs per sq. ft and perfect for homes in active seismic zones. Decra tile is not permeable and will not break, fracture or twist. Moreover, it has a Class 4 UL 2218 impact rating.

Decra shake roofs are green. They are ideal for rainwater harvesting or rain-catch systems. Water gathered from a Decra shake roof has been tested in third party laboratories and proven to be found colorless, odorless and tasteless with extremely low turbidity.

Your Decra Shake roof will continue to stay in great condition year after year. It is definitely is the ideal roofing system alternative for those who want the best. Visit the Fireman Roofing page to find out more about this stone coated style now.

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