Replacing Missing Shingles

Whenever there is high wind, you can be sure there will be missing shingles found all around the neighborhood. Usually this occurs during storms that will blow off shingles that are just not strong enough to hold on during the high-wind event.

But sometimes the shingles may have been damaged or have not been installed correctly.

Either way, it causes a problem for the homeowner. Obviously, the best way to get the shingles replaced is to hire an experienced roofer, like Fireman Roofing, to replace them for you.

An experienced roofer can not only replace the missing and damaged shingles but he can also inspect the entire roof if you have a ceiling leak or to look for shingles that may be a future problem and replace them as well.

Shingle Repair Cost

The cost of the repair will vary according to the amount of damage or number of missing shingles you have. The cost can vary as well depending on who does the repair. An experienced roofer will probably be at the top end of the cost ladder, while a handyman should be able to do it for you cheaper. Of course your peace of mind would be better served using the professional roofer.

The homeowner may be able to do the repairs himself if he is not afraid to explore the area of home improvement himself. But there are some things you must take into account.

  • Are you comfortable climbing ladders and walking on roofs?
  • Do you know the type of shingle, the manufacturer, and color of your shingle?
  • Is it composition, wood, tile, metal, slate, or composite?
  • Is it a three tab, 30, 40, 50 year shingle, is the shingle hail resistant?

These are all things you need to know before replacing the shingles on you roof.

If your roof has a composition shingle the project can be relatively simple requiring only a few tools and materials to replace the missing shingles...

  • Hammer
  • Shingle nails
  • Pry bar
  • Gloves, and of course
  • Matching shingles

Before starting your project it would be to your advantage to take a few minutes to Google “Replacing Missing Shingles.” It can save you a lot of time and unwanted frustration.

Is It Important To Replace One Shingle

People have asked if it is important to replace the missing shingles on their house because there is only a few of them missing. It is important because the shingle or shingles, torn or blown off, may be where water can find its way between the seams of the felt which is below the shingles and cause your roof to leak.

It is just not a good idea to take a chance on not replacing missing shingles because it could cause a water leak. And water leaks can mean damage to the interior of your home.

Yes, there is a chance you may not get a leak at all. But even a moderate rain storm could mean having to replace insulation, sheetrock, texture, paint and often even wood trim and flooring. It’s just not worth the chance so take care of those missing shingles on your roof.