More Arlington Fast Food Restaurants

Arlington, Texas is a huge town. That means that there are several great options for fast food.

Personally, I love fast food more than what is healthy, but normally I take my pick in Arlington since there are so many good choices available.

Here are a few more of my favorite.

McDonald's in Arlington TX

McDonald’s is not known for having the best food in the world, which I will agree with. Their normal lunch and dinner items are not great, though the chicken nuggets are bearable. But that’s not where the gems of Mickey D’s are. No, it is in their McCafe, their desserts, and their McBreakfast (do they call it McBreakast, or did I add that by myself?).

Their coffee is so good. I recommend the caramel iced coffee at McDonald’s over Starbucks. They also have a strawberry banana smoothie that is unusually delightful.

For desserts, I first recommend something so simple that McDonald’s gets so right: chocolate chip cookies. I am not even sure how to describe this, but I know I need to tell you this. If you have not had a McDonald’s cookie, please, go get one.

Also their Oreo McFlurry is super tasty. It is like Dairy Queen’s blizzard, but honestly better.

Finally I will recommend the McBreakfast. First, the pancakes. I do not know why they taste like a piece of heaven. They just do. Don’t question it. And lastly, I’ve saved the best for last, the McGriddle. They take two mini pancakes, soak it up in syrup, and then out a sausage patty in between them. My mouth is watering.

Panda Express in Arlington TX

Panda Express is one of my favorite places to grab fast food.

With kung pao chicken, grilled teriyaki chicken, and most importantly orange chicken, you probably cannot go wrong here. They have some of the best fried rice I have ever had, filled with egg, peas, and carrots. They also have much healthier rices like white steamed and brown steamed. They even have mixed vegetables.

My favorite side is their chow mein, however. It is pretty much a sin, how good it is.

They have ridiculously good veggie spring rolls and chicken egg rolls. They also have yummy chicken potstickers.

And for dessert, they will give you one fortune cookie per meal. Is one not enough? That’s okay, for just over a dollar you can buy an al la carte box of them. They should last you for days, but we all know we are going to eat them in one sitting. No shame here.

Sonic in Arlington, TX

Sonic is another one of my favorites. They have a lot of burgers and hot dogs, but honestly, I recommend the grilled cheese and corn dog from the kids menu over all of the burgers and hot dogs. While the corn dogs are really, really good for some reason, you go to Sonic for the beverages.

They have all kinds of slushies and milkshakes and different sodas. There are way too many to name them all, so I’ll give a few of my favorite: green apple slushies are delicious as it is, of course. It’s really good, and somehow Sonic figured out a way to make it better. They put “Rainbow Candy” AKA nerds into it. Oh my gracious, friends, it is probably the yummiest drink known to man. They have a pretty good strawberry lemonade and strawberry limeades. I love Sprite, and Sonic has a lot of flavor add ins available. I like strawberry vanilla Sprite. Y’all, it is pretty much heavenly.

Their Sonic Blast made with Snickers is pretty yummy. Finally I will recommend their hot fudge sundae. It is one of the best sundaes I’ve ever had.

Hope you enjoy your fast food. There's plenty to choose from in Arlington!