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roof repair near me

We get calls almost every day at Fireman Roofing for Roof Repairs. Our number is (817) 455-5618.

Like most roofing contractors, our crews stay busy doing full roof replacements. However, we also do roof repairs because missing shingles or a leaky roof can be a warning sign of bigger problems to come. While you may eventually need to replace your roof, taking care of smaller problems now can help extend the life of your roofing system.

If you have problems with your roof now, call us to get a fair and reasonable free quote. We’ll give you an honest opinion as to the life expectancy of your roof.

Before you call us, here’s what you need to know about water leaking into your home:

  • Finding the leak in your attic
  • Common areas where the water gets in your home
  • Working on steep and high roofs

Finding the entry point of a roof leak can be simple if you’re able to identify its point of entry in the attic. Once you know where the water is getting in, it’s a matter of marking the spot and making the proper repairs to the roof. However, not all roof leaks are easy to pinpoint, especially with wood shingles. Water sometimes travels in strange paths. A good, experienced roofer can trace the point of entry and get the leak stopped for you.

blown off and missing shinglesLeaks generally happen around penetrations in the roof, including your skylights. Often the leak is coming through the chimney, a vent, or a pipe. There could also be problems with the flashing or perhaps the trouble is in the valley where two planes of your roof meet together. On heavy rain days, a poorly installed or damaged valley can let a lot of water in your home.

If you have any torn, damaged, or missing shingles (like the photo) those will need to be replaced to stop your leaks now and keep more future leaks from happening. The wind can blow hard around here. It isn’t unusual for your shingles to have wind damage, especially if you have a lot of algae growth.

If your roof is steep or too high for a standard ladder, you’ll want to make sure you call us out to help you take care of the problem. Our roof repair experts are used to working under these conditions and can often take care of the problem faster, safer, and better than you can do it yourself.

Call us now (817) 455-5618 if you need roof repairs because we will take care of you.

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