Skylight Repairs

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Skylight Repair

Texas hail storms have been knocking out skylights for a long time.

It’s a common problem. If you’re going to live in Texas, you can bet you’ll replace your skylight sooner or later! If you have a broken, chipped or leaking skylight, we can help you fix your skylight problem and repair your roof.

The problem with fixing skylights are that they’re usually installed way up high on your roof. Getting up there with a bit of duct tape after the hail storm is one thing — keeping yourself from falling off and breaking your leg, arm or back while replacing the lens and fixing the flashing (so it doesn’t leak) is a totally different project. Not that it can’t be done — if you like the scary rides at Six Flags, you’ll love fixing your skylight.

Skylight Leaking Repair Cost

There is nothing more beautiful than to look up and see the sky.

Whether it is during the day, and the light shines down warming your body and even your spirit, or at night when you can see a million stars and it all seems such a wonder. The sky is a magnificent pleasure to us. So much so, that we even want to bring it into our homes. This is why we install and repair skylights.

There is nothing so enjoyable than sitting in your living room or den basking in the light of the sun shining through your skylight. Reading a book or paper and all the while saving on your light bill. But that enjoyment can become a nightmare when your skylight leaks water when it rains. Suddenly the joy turns into a headache.

Skylight damage usually occurs after a hail storm or after the seal between the skylight cover and skylight framing has failed. Hail will inflict serious damage to the skylight lens. Usually the skylight lens will have to be replaced after a hail storm. If you pride yourself in being a home improvement handyman you can replace the lens yourself. If climbing on a roof makes you uncomfortable then you should probably call a professional roofer or qualified handyman for the replacement. Repair costs vary based on many factors, including size, steepness of roof, roofing material, and more.

If the skylight lens has not been damaged, but there appears to be a leak either inside or around the skylight, you will have to do some troubleshooting to find where the water is entering. Using a water hose on the roof to spray water on and above the skylight will usually expose where the water is getting into your skylight.

After you find where the water is entering, be sure to thoroughly clean any debris, such as dried twigs and leaves away from around the skylight. Make sure the frame around the skylight lens is tight. Check all the around the skylight housing for any roofing caulk that may be cracked, broken, or split. The flashing around your skylight may have to be replaced depending on its condition, or it may have even been installed incorrectly. Once you addressed the flashing, use a professional roofing caulk to address any holes and gaps in the flashing.

Make sure the shingles are lying snug and tight around the entire skylight on the roof. If this doesn’t take care of the leak you should call an expert to address the problem.

Most roofing companies work with replacing skylight lens and troubleshooting leaks regularly. If you have a leak in or around your skylight now it will probably just get worse with time. You should have it addressed before it becomes a serious problem for you.

Skylights are meant to give us light and make us feel good. When you look up at your skylight and wish it wasn’t even there it only makes sense it’s time to do something about it. So don’t put off getting that skylight repaired. Once you do, you will be able to look up again and enjoy your skylight.

If you have a hail damaged skylight, or just an old leaky one, and your home is within 50 miles of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Call Toll-Free (817) 455-5618 or fill out the online form below…

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