Solar Shingles

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New Solar Shingles

Solar Shingles are a relatively new development in roofing. It just makes sense to take advantage of the amount of sunshine we get here in Texas.

More Than Solar Panels

For years, solar panels have been available.

You may have seen them on a few roofs — they’re usually big, bulky and ugly. They’re also a huge pain to replace after they’ve been destroyed by one of our many hail storms. More importantly, the Return On Investment hasn’t been very good. Sure, it’s one thing to be environmentally conscious, but quite another to be ROI conscious.

There’s no doubt that roof mounted solar panels have become more attractive. Some people don’t mind them protruding from their roof. In fact, I’ve seen some very classy installations lately. It seems like solar shingles that integrate seamlessly into the roof line are the new holy grail of solar energy.

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Solar shingles are the new alternative to those monstrous rooftop eye sores. There’s a few manufacturers rolling out new versions every month, but for the most part they’re still expensive when compared to traditional roofing shingles. We can help you with solar shingle alternatives when you contact us.

If you’ve been thinking about Going Green and installing Solar Shingles on your home, pick up the phone and call Fireman Roofing today. If your home is within 50 miles of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Call Toll-Free (817) 455-5618.

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