The REAL reason why cheap shingles will cost you money

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Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles are simple with an architectural elegance. The beauty, efficiency and functionality of Classic Aluminum Shingles are unrivaled.

Manufactured from 0.024” thick aluminum sheets, the 12” x 60” plates link from all four sides and are simple to mount. Once the shingles are shaped from aluminum sheets, they are baked with a Kynar finish that provides them with long-lasting color and permanence.

Since a Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingle roof is installed over a solid substrate, no longer will you have to listen to the noise produced by anything beating the roof, such as rain, and it’s solid enough to handle foot traffic. An aluminum roof does not attract lightening, but if it happens to get struck by it, the aluminum shingles can dispel the electrical charge since it is inflammable, disparate from ordinary roofs that catch fire on being hit with lightening. As a result, a Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingle roof is the best selection for regions likely to be affected by wild fires.

Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles can withstand harsh weather conditions. They carry the Underwriter Laboratory’s UL 580 specifications, the toughest assessment for wind and rain. It can withstand 110 mph winds and rain up to 8” per hour. Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles are a favored roofing material in areas prone to hails as aluminum can endure hailstorms successfully.

Unlike wood Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles are unaffected by humidity, they do not crack or decay. Also, they do not rust, like steel, or curl, fade or host moss and fungus, like asphalt. Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles are more than capable to handle all types of wet-dry and freeze-thaw cycles.

Once installed properly you can be assured that a Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingle roof will last you a lifetime. The galvanized roofing system protects your home from at least 95% of the sun’s rays and has been systematically proven by studies at the Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC) that it can lower the average home’s cooling cost by as much as 25%. Its energy-efficient ability is unparalleled.

A Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingle roof ensures that your house will remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Not only does it reflect the sun’s rays in summer, the aluminum roof holds the heat within your house during winter. Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles is the ultimate roofing system for energy saving.

Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles are environmentally-friendly as they are made from 100% recycled aluminum and can be completely recycled if it is ever replaced. They are available in many colors and shades, so you can opt for the ones that complement your home and surroundings. The resale value of your home after reroofing will increase at least 5%.

A Classic Aluminum Oxford Shingles roof is the smart roofing material choice for intelligent people. It is specifically manufactured to give you a worry-free, long-term roofing solution. Visit Fireman Roofing for more information.

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