Alcoa Roofing are the leaders in aluminum roofing

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Alcoa Aluminum Roofing

Of the number of choices for roofing your beautiful home, you could never do better than an aluminum roofing system. Alcoa is world-renowned for producing numerous varieties of aluminum for roofs, be it primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum or alumina alloy. An aluminum roof from Alcoa would be an impressive addition to your residence.

We’re a metal roofing contractor. The Alcoa aluminum roofing system is environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable. As Dave Schlendorf, the President of Alcoa, said, “Green buildings start with Alcoa aluminum.” Because of its resilience you can anticipate it to outlast other types of roofs. These qualities make it ideal for homes in any area of the United States. Moreover, since it is also lightweight, it makes an exceptional alternative for homes in earthquake-prone regions.

An Alcoa aluminum roof carries a lifetime warranty. It is guaranteed to last for the life of your home. However, if it is not installed properly, the life of the aluminum roof could be lowered by 15 years. It would be wise to consider hiring a professional contractor to install it if you are not certain you can install it correctly.

By adding an Alcoa aluminum roof you actually enhance your home’s worth due to its attractive look and superior functionality. It adds a foam backing on the attic to shield and work as a sound barrier. Because it is energy-efficient, you could save up to 30% on your electric bill.

dalmatian puppy dogNaturally, one of the most important considerations a customer has when selecting roofing options is the effects of climate and weather. An Alcoa aluminum roof is unsurpassed in this aspect. It can be installed to withstand wind at up to 120 mph. The Alcoa aluminum roofing system is resistant to wind, hail, rain and snow.

So, as you weigh the choices before you for re-roofing your home, it is clear that the Alcoa aluminum roofing system is the superior selection. Visit Fireman Roofing and find out more now.

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