My personal favorite strategy for saving energy with aluminum

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Today you have a variety of choices in residential roofing products. Materials like asphalt, tar, wood, gravel, slate, steel, clay and aluminum can be employed, and every type has its own advantages and qualities. Your home is your most important investment, so cover it with the best material available. Although more costly than steel, asphalt or composite shingles, the preferred choice is Classic Aluminum Shingles.

For many years aluminum roofs were considered suitable only for agricultural and commercial buildings but are now acknowledged as a residential roofing alternative by reputable contractors. Classic Aluminum Rustic Shingles are made from aluminum sheets that are shaped then baked in a Kynar finish which gives them their enduring color and longevity. A trained service provider can install the interlocking shingles easily and inexpensively.

Normally, Classic Aluminum Rustic Shingles come with a lifetime warranty since they can last for more than 50 years, which outlasts an asphalt roof by two to three times. They are sturdy and free from upkeep and can protect your roof from the harshest weather conditions. Aluminum shingles can survive 110 mph winds and will defend against rain, hail and snow. Also, Classic Aluminum Rustic Shingles are fireproof and will not break, twist, rust, or allow mold and fungus to grow.

Aluminum roofing is by far the most energy-efficient choice. It lowers both heating and cooling costs. Classic Aluminum Rustic Shingles reflect about 95% of sun’s rays. Residential owners with an aluminum roof have experienced as much as 20% lower energy prices.

Studies carried out by the Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC) determined that homeowners who lived under a white, galvanized roofing material in a 1770 sq. ft home saved about $128 annually in cooling costs, as opposed to an gray asphalt roof.

Classic Aluminum Rustic Shingles will raise the value of your home while making it more energy-efficient, thus, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Visit Fireman Roofing for more information about energy-efficient aluminum shingles. For more info, click here.

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