What to do when your roof gets hit by hail… (this one secret will surprise you!)

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Gerard Metal Roofing

Gerard carries over 50 years of knowledge in constructing metal roofing tiles. Gerard metal roofing tiles are durable and visually appealing.

Chiefly, the tile is made from steel that is layered with an aluminum-zinc veneer which makes the tile anti-corrosive. A protective covering of acrylic resin applied on both sides holds the basecoat and bonds the decorative layer chip to the tile. It also protects the tiles from UV rays, dampness, and gathering mold and has more than 30 years of exposure life. In truth, Gerard metal roofing tiles have eight times more corrosion resistance than older steel roofing systems.

The basecoat also contains algaecide, which aids in maintaining the development of algae and lichens on the roof and is valuable in rainwater harvesting when the roof water is collected and stored for human consumption and other uses. The decorative chip is accessible in customized colors and has an attractive glossy finish.

Gerard metal roofing tiles carry a 50 year warranty due to the rigorous performance tests they undertake before being sold to the public. They can endure hurricanes, wind, hail and ice. Moreover, Gerard metal roofing tiles guard your roof from chip loss, leaks, rust and stains.

Gerard metal roofing tiles use an advanced and distinctive system called interlocking tiles. They are held in place with a horizontal fastening system which is why they are durable and weather resistant. The interlocking system helps in minimizing noise levels, as well. Gerard metal roofing tiles are far more lightweight than concrete roofs which are ten times heavier. Consequently, a metal roofing system is ideal in active seismic zones.

Re-roofing with Gerard tiles enhances the visual and retail~improves the aesthetic and commercial} value of your home and is definitely the best choice in metal roofing. If you choose to re-roof with Gerard metal tiles, you are investing in a product that will give you peace of mind and long-lasting enjoyment for at least the next 50 years. Visit the metal roofing experts at Fireman Roofing to find out more about Gerard today.

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